Diploma In Homeopathy

OVERVIEW - Level 7

The Course is designed to provide graduates with a firm foundation of homeopathic knowledge and skill that can lead them to a professional clinical practice as a homeopath.

This qualification is intended for people who aspire to become practicing homeopaths and professional natural health care workers in the community. Learners will be provided with structured learning opportunities to develop a critical understanding of the principles and practices of homeopathy, both classical and contemporary. A range of supervised clinical learning experiences will facilitate the integration of knowledge, skills, professional ethics and attitudes that are essential in homeopathic clinical practice.

The graduate of this qualification will be able to:

  • Apply homeopathic principles and methodologies to develop and implement treatment plans for clients with acute and chronic conditions.
  • Work ethically and professionally in the complementary healthcare system.
  • Apply knowledge of homeopathic principles of disease processes and, where necessary, make referral to appropriate health professionals.
  • Work autonomously in a range of environments in the natural health sector.
  • Contribute to the industry, the local and wider communities.
  • Demonstrate a broad range of functional, analytical, and self-management skills required for managing a homeopathic clinic in a complex health environment.

Course duration is 3 Years of full time study.