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Jan -March 2014, Issue

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This newsletter is an attempt to showcase typical months experienced by ICNZ students. These months are enriched with experiences that we expect to be fruitful and educational so that when our students step out in the business world, they are identifiable and recognizable for their skills gained at ICNZ.

With much fervor and zest the college re-opened in the end of January. The college would like to welcome the new students both in Level 5 and Level 6 pursuing a business diploma. Our existing students have extended full support and assistance in making the new students feel at home. Kudos, to our existing students in Level 5 and Level 6 respectively!

Guest Lectures

Mr. Joe Nunweek - Grey Lynn Neighbourhood Law office

In January, the session by Mr. Joe Nunweek from Grey Lynn Neighbourhood Law office, was on Consumer and Debts. Students were made aware of various consumer and debt-related laws, applications and the process of appeal. Since majority of our students are relatively new to New Zealand, therefore they were particularly benefited from this session. They were made aware of their rights as a consumer and the different policies that are in place related to debts.

In February, our Guest Speaker, Maddox Ahuja, familiarized our students with Employment Law. This session was particularly very interesting for students as they were made aware of various employment law clauses, situations in which an employee can claim benefits and certain laws surrounding leave, breaks, hours of work and type of work. Since our international students are working part time at different employers, this session in particular was very well-accepted and the information was well-acknowledged.

In March, Maddox Ahuja from Grey Lynn Neighborhood Law office presented another interactive session on Treaty of Waitangi. Students were interested to know the reasons due to which treaty was signed and they could particularly relate the entire session with their respective unit 25695 (Human Resource Management in New Zealand). A few students commented saying:
“Wow! We never knew this treaty has such huge significance.” Rahul Patial – Level 5
“Implementation of this treaty led to many changes in policies for human resource management.” Sheetal Reddy – Level 5

Tutor Update

Ms. Vidya

Time to Celebrate

The birthday is a special day for everyone and particularly for our students as they are away from their home. Keeping this thought in view, we at ICNZ celebrate these special days every month.

Your birthday's a time for careful reflection
About your life, and its future direction.
You see where you've been when you look at the past;
Most of it's great; you had quite a blast!
You wonder what's coming, what life has in store;
Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
Remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.
Happy Birthday!

During the month of January we celebrated birthday of Rahul Patial (Level 5 students)

It was impressive to find out, that students brought another cake for their teachers whose birthdays were during the college holiday break. The respective teachers were touched by the thoughtfulness of the students and thanked them with much appreciation!

That’s why we believe ICNZ is a home away from home!

Zenia (Left), Karishma (Right)

During the month of March, we celebrated Avinash Chand’s and Sunil Prasad’s
birthday! Both the students are pursuing Level 5.

Krishneel Raj – Level 6,
first left in Picture 1
Sunil Prasad (Left) and Avinash Chand

Wow, such good celebrations! Besides the cakes, students enjoyed a handful of other goodies as well.

At ICNZ we recognize the efforts of each student. These birthday celebrations are initiated and organized by students themselves and in particular Krishneel Raj (Level 6) has been very responsible in making these celebrations memorable.

On behalf of all the students and management; Bravo Krishneel!

Business Corner

A success story that was recently discussed in one of the classes:

Icebreaker: A true NZ success story

As a true New Zealand success story, the Icebreaker tale has been told many times. Jeremy Moon's passion for merino began in 1994 when farmer Brian Brackenridge showed him prototypes of merino wool thermals, dubbed Ice Breakers. The 24-year-old recent Otago University commerce and marketing graduate was intrigued, and after wearing it, was hooked on the lightweight, silky soft natural fibre.

He quit his job, bought the business concept and locked himself in his room to figure out what to do with it. After raising capital from some impressive backers, his academic background - a master's degree in cultural anthropology and consumer behaviour - kicked in. "I started staying on merino stations, and I was amazed at the relationship between the families and the land, and the animals. There was this symbiotic relationship going on.

Icebreaker is now available in 42 countries, with three quarters of sales in the Northern Hemisphere - an impressive achievement for a New Zealand brand. Beyond its Wellington headquarters, Icebreaker has offices in Australia, Vancouver, France, Germany - and Portland, a city Moon visits every six weeks. He has 50 people there, with product design done there also, because of the city's talent pool (Nike and Adidas, both said to be launching merino-blend running products, are also based in Portland, a major sports hub).

Moon recently opened a second Icebreaker store in New York, with plans for five more stores in the US this year and a store in London next year. So how does it feel to be one of New Zealand's success stories? "It feels like a relief really. It's a work in progress, and even though we've been successful, we've got a very long runway in front of us. I chair a group called Better by Design, which is 150 local businesses and brands who are all exporting, and I'm really committed to sharing my learning's from Icebreaker through that network," he says. "And through the act of passing it on, you learn a lot about what you've learned."

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