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March – April 2015, Issue

We welcome our readers to enjoy the second newsletter from ICNZ for the Year 2015. As always, we have packed a lot of information in this edition to provide you with a glimpse of the student’s life at ICNZ.

Inside this issue

  • “LET IT ALL OUT” Session
  • Tutor Focus
  • In class Focus
  • Birthdays Celebrations
  • Interesting Read
  • Brain Activity

“LET IT ALL OUT”  Session

With the purpose of letting our students a chance to air their ideas and express their thoughts related to college life, ICNZ holds the “LET IT ALL OUT” Session once in every two months.

Two “LET IT ALL OUT” sessions were held during the first week of April for all Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday batches. Students were given a chance to discuss matters related to their college life in this open forum. Some interesting and practical suggestions were made by the students during both the sessions to improve their experience at ICNZ.

ICNZ values the suggestions of the students for its improvement to make the college a truly “home away from home”. “Let it all out” sessions strengthen the foundations of building a student centric atmosphere within the college. Many thanks for the resource personnel and the students who took part and made these two events a success.

During this session, Students were given certificates for attending “Empowerment Attitude Workshops” that were held in the beginning of the year. This workshop was well attended and serves the purpose of instilling skills related to emotional control and adaptibility to the new environment in addition to other skills.

Some of the Level 7 students receiving their certificates from the trainer: Nalin Gupta

All the Level 5, 6 and 7 students of ICNZ who took part in the workshop on both the days received certificates.

Apart from classroom studies, ICNZ supports students in terms of improving skills and attitude with the help of a range of activities including workshops as above. Students are encouraged to make the best use of opportunities and add value to their lives apart from classroom based studies.

Tutor  Focus

One of our staff members recently completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business from Unitec with flying results. Udara Wickramasinghe is from Sri Lanka and has previously been teaching there at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
He is popular among the current student cohort in terms of supportive and helpful apart from the excellent delivery of learning.
We at ICNZ know that the purpose of education is to convert mirrors to windows and we wish Udara all the best for his future endeavours and we hope he keeps on helping ICNZ students to not only make windows but look beyond them.

Congratulations and bravo on your success!

Udara Wickramasinghe

In Class Focus

in Class Focus

Studies at ICNZ are a fine blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are trained on various aspects to demonstrate professionalism in their Studies at ICNZ are a fine blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are trained on various aspects to demonstrate professionalism in their future endeavours. One such session was conducted by the Level 7 students for their Entrepreneurship module. Students made group presentations on a Business Plan where the visiting faculty was invited to observe and discuss their performance. Students had done a fantastic job in developing their plans and presenting their findings professionally to the audience.

Birthdays  Celebrations for March 2015


Students - Samuel, Shabeel, Darshana, Joytika and Feroz from level 5 and students - Reena, Sukhminder, Jagdish and Rupinder from Level 7 are celebrating their birthdays in March.

Birthdays  Celebrations for April 2015

Birthday April 2015

Students - Arisha, Aiyaz, Carol, Sapna and Deepak of Level 5 and 7, celebrating birthdays in April.

Interesting Read

Apple’s first logo was a complex picture, a tribute to Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, captioned with a phrase from Wordsworth: “Newton…a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought…alone”, with a tag line containing the brand name: Apple Computer Co. The apple shape was introduced not long after, with a bite taken out of it to increase brand recognition, first with rainbow colors and later in monochromatic tones.

(Source Lighthouse 8)

Apple Logo

Brain  Activity

To conclude our Newsletter we leave you with a business crossword to solve. The answers of this crossword are on the proceeding page, but it would be lovely if you solve first and then check the answers.
Happy Solving and Good Luck!