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July-August 2015 Issue

The Waves

With the dawn of spring, we welcome our readers to enjoy the last newsletter of winter season - July / August from ICNZ. Filled with interesting news and pictures, the newsletter provides a glimpse into the student’s life at ICNZ.

Inside this issue

  • EID Celebrations at ICNZ
  • Wellness Session for Students
  • The Talent Corner
  • Tutor Focus
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Business Article

EID Celebrations at   ICNZ

ICNZ is proud of having a culturally diversely rich student body. Students celebrated Eid-Al-Fitr with great pomp and joy.

Eid-Al-Fitr is celebrated to mark the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. The holiday celebrates the conclusion of 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. Students dressed in traditional attire presented messages on the significance about the festival, performed various solo and group dances, solo and group songs, short dramas, fashion shows and held lots of games full of fun and laughter. An open dance floor at the end of the event was the highlight.

EID Celebrations of Monday / Tuesday Students

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EID Celebrations of Wednesday / Thursday Students


EID Celebrations of Friday / Saturday Students

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ICNZ take this opportunity to thank all the class representatives and the participants for organizing these events celebrating EID. We look forward to more of such events showcasing some of our student planning and organizing skills. A big “THANK YOU” to all the organizers and performers.

Tutor  Focus

Jaisleen Jabbara Khanna, one of our popular teachers graduated in “Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration” from AUT with excellent results.

With prior teaching experience and management experience in USA, Jaisleen is popular with the students for her elaborative and personal touch with students.

We at ICNZ believe: Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. Kudos Jaisleen, on your excellent results and academic achievement.

We wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
Congratulations and bravo on your success!

Wellness Session for  students

Ella Kumar is a well-known Physical Health Wellbeing Educator/ Instructor in Auckland. She is an elected local board member of Mt. Roskill community centre, a lifestyle coordinator and health and fitness educator at Procare and an LAC member at ICNZ. She is well known among all most communities in Auckland for her passion in actively volunteering to educate people on healthy eating habits including exercise as part of their daily routine. Ella’s session is one such initiative to ensure ICNZ students learn to lead a healthy and balanced life.


Birthday Celebrations for July 2015


Students – Ashok, Renuka, Pinderjeet, Shafreen and Sunil from Level 6, Rajan, Harshkumar, Dhiraj and Divya from Level 7, Amimul from Level 5, Ashlyn, Parvinder, Bhavesh, Rahul, Ram, Neelkumar and Ksharilkumar from Level 7 celebrated their birthdays in July.

A special thank to the Class Representatives and other active organizers of these celebrations. Their effort and contribution is highly appreciated both by the staff and the fellow students. ICNZ hope these endeavours will help our students to grow in their future roles. – Let this be at the end of Birthday celebrations.

Birthday Celebrations for August 2015

Students –Bhavin, Jagmeet, Suman, Avani, Pritika, Mudaseer, Deepak, Ajay Kumar and Praveen from Level 7, Parul, Sheenal and Tamara from Level 6, Samal, Parteek, Jaswinder and Arishma from Level 5 celebrated their birthdays in August

The Talent Corner

Gurpinder Singh is pursuing Diploma in Business Management Level -7. His passion for art did not go unnoticed and hence he showcases some of his work below.

Hailing from a very beautiful city called SunderNagar district, Mandi Himachal Pradesh, I started art when I was in 6th standard. My first teacher was Virender Singh Rajpuri up to Year 12 and later I got professional training from Artist Sikander Singh (Chandigarh, Punjab).

Everyone have feelings and there are different ways to express those feelings. I choose the painting (art) to express my feelings. I feel that art is the simplest way to communicate a message to someone. Art makes a person to live in his own world and enjoys.

Pencil work on half imperial size handmade sheet. It’s a light and shade drawing. Represent the love and affection between mum and baby. Everyone in this world needs a care taker to grow and face the challenges in this competitive world. (Dt. 11-08-2011)

This is the original art work on A4 handmade sheet. It’s a watercolor painting. Caption: “imagine the world of colors. In this painting” I tried to show the power of meditation by which a person is able to imagine such type of world where he never is. This world helps him to find himself where he lost in this changing world. It helps him to get refresh and start a new life with more power. (Dt. 28-6-2012)

This is the still life made on half imperial size sheet with stadler pencil. It’s a live art having the object in front and draws the same on the sheet. Have to careful about the light and shade while drawing from where the light falls on the object. Have to keep in mind about the dark and light tone of shading. (15-05-2011)

This is the painting in which I show the watercolor. Abstract and the meditation of Buddha on half imperial size sheet. (Dt. 12-12-2014)

This painting shows God Ganesh, in watercolor On half imperial size sheet. Representing the prayer. (Dt. 15-09-2014)

Water color painting of farmer in the farms with Animals helping him to grow. Crops on A4 size Drawing sheet (Dt. 19-04-2014)

The elephant painting on A4 size handmade sheet with watercolour painting. (Dt. 14-01-2015)

Leaves painting on half imperial size sheet with Staedtler Pencil (8B). With light and shade technique wants to distinguish the leaves from the background. (Dt. 8-11-2012)

This painting shows the love in the wild within Baby bird. (Dt. 17-07-2013)

Business  Article

8 sure ways to give the resume performance of a lifetime

(Continued from the May-June Newsletter)

Hope you remember we presented four techniques for the same in our previous newsletter. Here we are discussing the remaining four promising techniques in developing your curriculum vitae

5. Don't hog the spotlight

Most recruiters simply won’t read much more than two pages so slip on your director shades and start cutting to key scenes. If you have included too much unnecessary information you will just take away from the key elements.

When choosing what to include you really have to look at your story arc. Have you shown progression through your roles? Have you kept it punchy with dynamic, active words to describe your experiences and responsibilities, rather than just listing them?

6. Define your character

One thing I often find is that people are good at listing what they’ve done, but they struggle to define their strengths. Unfortunately there is nothing more boring to an audience than a one-dimensional character that doesn’t have any reason to change. When recruiters are looking at your story, they need to be shown moments of triumph, or of going above and beyond – Rocky moments like making profits, developing new systems or dealing with more responsibility.

Just like a good biopic, you need to write in the first person. And if you think you don’t have anything extraordinary to say, think again. It can be hard to visualise everything you have achieved in your career so if you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at other job ads to see what recruiters are looking for and check out some of your industry peers on LinkedIn. You’ll soon realise you have kicked some goals along the way.

 7. Don't stick to the same old gags

If you don’t tailor your resume to answer the ad, then you haven’t thought about your audience. Focusing on your IT skills when they have emphasized customer service as a requirement is be like trying to sing open a bikie bar – it might be superb, but it’s not what they want to hear.

One of the best things you can do is show that you’ve thought about the job – not only what they’ve a sked for, but the company and anything else that might be an asset to them. This is an audition, after all. Look carefully at the ad and use the key words at just the right moments – but remember you need to show, not just tell. Give specifics, make them measurable and don’t just include one-line assertions such as ‘successful sales manager’ without backing yourself up. The best resumes deliver clear punch lines.

8. It's ok to make a song and dance

Still got stage fright? Shake it off by writing a list of all the tasks you do in your current job, or have done previously. Then go back and write down all the skills you needed to get those tasks done, keeping the selection criteria in mind. Once you’ve got a bucket-load of skills written down, think about how you would typically act them out at work and what results you were able to achieve.

Work through this methodically and you should start to get a picture of yourself as a developing character doing some great things. Remember, potential employers actually want you to perform for them, so don’t be shy. And if you’ve started daydreaming about who might play you in your own telemovie, then you’re only a step away from needing that acceptance speech. Break a leg!

Source: Career FAQs,. '8 Sure Ways To Give The Resume Performance Of A Lifetime'. N.p., 2015. Web. 26 June 2015.