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May-June 2015 Issue

The Waves

We welcome our readers to enjoy the May / June newsletter from ICNZ for the Year 2015. This is filled with interesting and informative information to provide you with a glimpse of the student’s life at ICNZ

Inside this issue

  • Guest Speaker
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Green Day Awareness Program
  • Tutor Focus
  • Business Article

“LET IT ALL OUT”  Session

ICNZ holds the “LET IT ALL OUT” Session once in every two months. Sessions for May / June 2015 were successfully held acorss all levels ( 5, 6 and 7).


“LET IT ALL OUT” sessions held during the last week of June for all Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday batches were filled with different events. Apart from giving students a chance to discuss matters related to their college life, certificate awarding for the students who volunteered in Senior Citizen’s Ball took place during the session.

With the purpose of creating a caring atmosphere for the international students, ICNZ has been always receptive to the suggestions of its students. The college supports the personal growth of each student by adding value to their curriculum.

“LET IT ALL OUT” session is one such forum that the college uses to appreciate students’ initiatives and broaden their potential.

During this session, Students were given certificates for volunteering in“Senior Citizen’s Ball” that were held in May.

Some of the Business students receiving their certificates from the Academic Manager

Apart from classroom studies, ICNZ supports students by opening up opportunities to improve their skills and attitude by encouraging participation in social events. Students are urged to make the best use of opportunities and add value to their lives apart from classroom based studies.

Token of gratitude to the students whose assignments were selected for external moderation in 2014

Students Anjini Devi, Avinash Chand and Andrew Akash who were present in the session received the certificates of appreciation fortheir hard work. ICNZ would like to thank the students Zenia Mavji, Nitin Rishi, Shalyn Chand and Romeeza Sohib for doing a great job in preparing for external moderation. Hard work always pays off. We hope you developed skills, knowledge and attitude by being a part of this programme.

Green Day  Awareness Program

As part of ICNZ's effort to enrich the student's experience, we held a Green Day on 27th May 2015. All the staff members and students came dressed in green to increase the awareness of psychological well-being.

The color “green” was chosen because of the Green Ribbon Day Awareness Program. This program had started last year in Ireland and is catching up across the globe and the focus of this on talking and promoting mental health (well-being). All of our students come from different countries and they do have to face challenges while they are in the initial phase of getting used to New Zealand. Many students overcome those phases, whereas a few struggles. Through this day, we encouraged our students to strive harder and celebrate their well-being.

The teachers practiced few techniques to make the students mentally stronger and healthier. They were shown few videos regarding inspiration and developing self confidence. Few tips were shared with the students to successfully tackle the culture shock. Inspirational movies were recommended to the students by the teachers to boost their morale. At the end of the sessions, students shared their personal experiences of how they became stronger by facing challenges. The core idea was to stress the importance of being mentally fit and independent to make their stay a pleasant and successful one in New Zealand. The day was a huge success due to the commendable enthusiasm among the students and the staff.

Guest Speaker  CV Preparation

A special Guidance session on CV Preparation was held for the Level 7 students for Friday/Saturday batch by the Guest Lecturer - Cristian Sequera. With the purpose of preparing students for the job market, students were guided for preparing a more kiwi employee oriented Curriculum Vitae. Since, many international students are looking for openings in the business world, they were benefited by such session. A Special thank goes to the Guest Lecturer - Cristian Sequera for allocating time for ICNZ students amidst his busy schedule.

Tutor  Focus

Level 6 students arranged a farewell party for tutor Darren who held his last lecture at ICNZ on 12th May 2015. Darren was a PhD Candidate at University of Auckland with extensive teaching experience at different education levels in many countries. ICNZ students cherished his teaching style and made the maximum out of his short stay with the college. Darren left to Taiwan and we make this an opportunity to wish him all the success in his future endeavours. Finally - Thank You Darren, for inspiring students by adopting a different teaching approach. Special thanks go to Level 6 students for arranging a surprise farewell for their tutor.

Birthday Celebrations May 2015


Students – from Level 5, 6 and 7 are celebrating their birthdays in May with the Faculty Members Vera and Tahreem.

Birthday Celebrations June 2015

Students –Pavittar, Amarjeet, Satyam, Baljeet and Mahezabeen from Level 7 Friday / Saturday batchesare celebrating their birthdays in June.

Students - Venil, Amandeep, Shafeena, Namneeth and Shukchain from level 5 and students –Santhosh and Sachin from Level 7 are celebrating their birthdays in June.

Kudos! to the Class Representatives and other active organizers of these celebrations. A Special thank goes to Preethi Sharma in Level 7 Friday / Saturday batch for organizing birthday celebrations. They helped to make the college life interesting and memorable. All the contributors’ effort is highly appreciated. These endeavours will strengthen you.

Business Article

8 sure ways to give the resume performance of a lifetime

It’s a given that applying for a job means selling yourself, but the reality is that it just doesn’t come naturally to most of us.most of us struggle to take compliments, let alone give ourselves a whole list of them and then, if we’re lucky, discuss them at length with potential colleagues.

Think about it. Selling yourself is similar to putting on a performance – and if karaoke is on the cards then some of us will run a mile while others will need help wresting the microphone from their hands. But whether you love the thrill of the spotlight or the safety of shadows, the key to a killer job application performance is clear: you need to think of your audience.

1. Spend time on your establishing shot

We all know the one. The lone horseman in the barren landscape, the extreme-long view of a cityscape, all backed by rousing orchestras slowly prodding our emotions awake.

If you set the tone right from the start, the audience won’t be able to help coming along for the ride. Leading off with a one-paragraph professional profile or summary gives you the opportunity to introduce your voice. Agonise over this one because if you can distil your experience and achievements down into one killer sentence or two you will have them hooked.


2. Stick to the genre

Your resume should suit the industry you’re working in – you wouldn’t follow a horror plotline for a Disney movie so don’t focus on your incredible IT skills if you’re applying for a customer service role.

Also understand what your genre calls for: is clean, descriptive text enough to tell your amazing tale or do you also need a portfolio? Article samples? Website links? Choose the storytelling method that allows you to put your best foot forward.

Every genre has its structure and I couldn’t tell you how many resumes we see that are in the wrong order. Act 1 should be your professional profile, followed by either your qualifications (if recent) or your most recent job, through to earlier positions in reverse chronological order, then technical skills and volunteer roles. You should be making things as easy as possible for your audience so follow the framework that recruiters understand – and that means clearly separating your responsibilities from your achievements for each job. You want them to digest your information without any effort.

3. Workshop your script

This performance is about you getting a job. Recruiters don’t need to know if you’re married, how old you are or whether you like baking on the weekends. Unless you’re volunteering, stick to the main story.

And speaking of scripts, your writing needs to be strong in order to communicate your potential. If your grammar is off, your spelling is wrong then your audience will turn off quicker than they walked out of Gigli. And using American spelling would be like

Toni Collette acting in Muriel’s Wedding with an American accent – it’s just plain wrong. And don’t be afraid to ask a mentor, friend or family member to workshop it with you, they may know your strengths better than you do and pick up the things you’ve missed.

4. Design your set carefully

If your set is a mess then your audience won’t know where to look. They need to be able to move smoothly from scene to scene (section to section, job to job) and know where they are in the story at all times. Break each section up with a simple heading and don’t try to cram too much in. Choose a font that’s readable on most

programs (Cambria, Times, Calibri) and stick to it. And you don’t need fancy graphics, or worse, standard templates. You can simply bold your section titles and use empty space to make each point sing.  

Watch this space for the remaining four points in our next Newsletter.

Source: Career FAQs,. '8 Sure Ways To Give The Resume Performance Of A Lifetime'. N.p., 2015. Web. 26 June 2015.