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Jan-Feb 2016 Issue

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  • Fiji Appeal
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  • Birthday Celebrations
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  • Event Celebrations
  • Tutor Exercises
  • Free Events in March-April

"When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity." Steve Pavlina


On the 21st of February, Fiji was hit by a Category five Cyclone called Cyclone Winston, destroying houses and businesses. The death toll has amounted to 43 people with at least four missing and hundreds displaced from their homes. In spite of efforts made by several Governments, they are still in need food and other supplies.

At ICNZ, appeal for help was responded by students with support from management. Management and students donated foods such as sandwiches, samosas, cake and ice creams for fundraising.

Other activities like nail painting and mehndi were carried out to raise funds. Fijian students presented to the class on Fiji before and after the cyclone. All funds raised will be donated to the Fiji Appeal.

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Indian Republic Day:

The Indian Republic Day was celebrated at the Mahatma Gandhi centre. Everyone sang the national anthem and joined in for refreshments after the flag hoisting ceremony.


Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day dates back to the 5th century as a festival of love, not just between two partners but with family and friends. To celebrate this occasion, all the students were dressed in red and white (red for the girls and white for the boys). Everyone enjoyed a game and celebration with their colleagues.



ICNZ welcomes opportunities from prospective employers to source candidates from ICNZ.

1) LifePlans :

It is a leading Financial Planning Company looking for Sales Consultant for Financial Products. The profile includes Sales Consultant, Lead Generation Activities and Promotion of different financial products. Students were offered part-time opportunities with flexible timings. For further information, please refer to the notice board in the foyer.

2) Professional Sales Limited:

Representatives of Professional Sales Ltd. delivered a presentation on the roles available. Please see link for contact


Tutor Exercises

GTKY or Get-To-Know-You exercises are a great way to integrate newer students and build team work. At ICNZ, one such exercise was used to get students acquainted with each other. Two rows of students sitting face to face introduced themselves and moved after short intervals to the next person.

Other exercises were building a stack of cards tower to enhance group work, team building and communication skills.


Birthday Celebrations


Birthdays are significant in a person’s life and are mostly celebrated with friends and family. Our aim at ICNZ is to make this environment a home away from home, encouraging students to celebrate their birthdays with their friends and colleagues. This celebration is managed by the students for the students (a democratic approach!). Congratulations to all the students and staff whose birthdays were in January and February. We hope you enjoyed the celebration of your special day with all your friends and colleagues at ICNZ.

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The following are free events you can attend in March- April. Send us some pictures of you enjoying at these events and we will put it in the next newsletter.

1) Open Air Cinemas

Organised by the Auckland Council, this is a free event with 24 movies playing in parks around Auckland. See link for information


2) Auckland Night Markets

The Auckland night markets offer around 200 stalls including 70 to 80 amazing food stalls cooking up tasty street snacks and delicacies from around the world. See link for information


3) Other cultural events

New Zealand and Auckland more specifically is a melting pot of different cultures, our college being a classic example. Other ways are like the following:

i) The 6th Auckland Indonesia Festival

ii)Pasifika Festival

4) AWI International Do you speak English workshop

5) Seaweek : Bus tour of Eastern Beaches


"The Make-Or-Break Career Skill No One Talks About." Liz Ryan

It goes without saying that you have to be responsible and alert to succeed in your career, no matter what your career path is. There is another, critical career skill that makes or breaks careers and that we don't talk about as often as we should. It's a muscle that we don't grow just by getting older or by going to school or even by taking on more and more responsibility over time. It is possible to reach a ripe old age without growing this muscle and it always a shame when that happens. It’s a career muscle called “Fast Learning”. You learn from every triumph and every slip-up. You collect "Ahas!" and integrate them quickly. That way, you learn to anticipate roadblocks and tarpits on your path and get around them or get over them.

When something gets in your way, trips you up or frustrates you, people with Fast Learning muscles grab the learning from those experiences and immediately apply that learning to their lives. They might get bitten by a particular snake once, but that same snake won't bite them again. Everyone who can receive life lessons and apply them quickly can get what they want in their lives and their careers. Three or six months after an upsetting incident they’ll laugh when they tell the story. They'll say "That was a harsh lesson for a moment, but boy, did it help me in the long run!" Can you step out of Excuse Land, tune into the Reality Channel and do the same thing?

Ryan, L. (2016, February 23). The Make-Or-Break Career Skill No One Talks About. Retrieved from Linkedin Pulse: retrieved on 4th March 2016