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Jan - Feb 2017 Issue

The Waves

Inside this issue

  • Republic Day
  • Birthday’s Celebration
  • Class Activities
  • Maddox guest lecture
  • Valentine’s day games
  • Free Events in March and April

"Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful" Herman Cain

Republic Day

The Auckland Indian Association (AIA) invited students and management to be a part of their Republic Day celebration at Mahatma Gandhi Center. There were remarkable speeches by freedom fighters, performances such as traditional dances and patriotic songs performed as part of the celebration.


Birthday Celebrations


Don't wait for celebrations. Sometimes the most wonderful gifts are the unexpected ones.
-- Candy Paull 

The happiness and togetherness are the most precious gifts shared by students at ICNZ by celebrating special days such as birthdays.

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Learning in Action

In the words of the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, “A thousand miles’ journey begins with single step”. Seen below, ICNZ students take those small steps towards success in their careers practiced through simulated activities in class.

SWOT Analysis on Apple and Dominos


Porter’s Five Forces Analysis on Vodafone


PESTLE Analysis on Bakers Delight


Porter’s Five Forces Analysis on Apple


Group Discussions: Analyzing and evaluating business scenarios to make decisions


Giving Presentations: On their chosen scenario


Use of different modes of presentation; winning team was rewarded by the tutor.


Crossword game played by students on “Human Resources”


Team Building Game: Duct Tape


Maddox Guest Lecture

ICNZ regularly engages different organizations for the pastoral care and support for our students. Maddox from the Auckland Community Law Centre, was invited again this year to talk to our students about NZ Legislations, their entitlements and the help that is available to them.

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Valentine’s Day Games

The joy and kinship shared by students was experienced on Valentine’s day where students celebrated the day with games and laughter.

Guessing words or movies name by acting it out

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Students waiting in anticipation of the results of the games


Free Events in March and April

Emerging pixels: Digital Art Live presents: Emerging Pixels, which includes three works by young digital and interactive artists in a public art space. This is the sixth showcase of Emerging Pixels, by the next generation of local talent.

Cornwall Park Summer Music Series: Pack a picnic, bring a rug and enjoy some music this summer at the Cornwall Park Band Rotunda.

Silo Cinema: Silo Cinema is back for their sixth season with a brand-new selection of films. Pick your favorites from the Programme below and start planning your Friday nights down at Silo Park this summer.

X Marks the Spot: Histories Negotiated: Explore the way artists have responded to the New Zealand landscape and to events in history connected with the land, including the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the nation’s founding document.