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2nd edition 2017

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  • Police Workshop
  • Motivational Workshop
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Learning in action
  • Guest speakers
  • Withdrawal of Accreditation for Business Courses by NZQA
  • Upcoming free events in May -June

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." -Winston Churchill

NZ Police Workshop

all Pastoral care is embedded within every part of ICNZ to effectively meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of students. ICNZ welcomed NZ Police to make students aware of NZ legislation especially in relation to road Safety in New Zealand. The students were all ears and listened attentively.

Students actively participated in one to one question and answer session.


Workshop by Nalin Gupta

With a view to develop student’s personal skills, ICNZ invited Nalin to conduct workshop on self – development and self – empowerment. He encouraged students to play a number of team building activities and students enthusiastically participated in each one of them.

Balloon and toothpick game: Required to save their balloons from opponent team.


Behavior/Attitude of individual in Team: Required self introduction to others without using the word “I”.


This activity was meant to encourage students to view situations with a different viewpoint. He inspired solutions through real – life examples and encourages them to always remember their ethics and moral values in life.


Birthday Celebrations


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
- Oprah Winfrey 

Students and staff at the ICNZ family celebrate birthdays being a special day to celebrate with friends and family. Students carefully plan these events to share the happiness and friendship together.

all all

Learning in Action


ICNZ is proud to have bright and enthusiastic students who are always keen to accept challenges and ready to participate in class activities. The picture below shows an activity where students were asked to describe their leadership qualities with the first alphabet of their name.

allThe last day of the following batch of level 7 students was approaching soon and therefore the students enjoyed a knowledgeable activity session. All the games included various terms & concepts of Business and IT Systems and aimed at learning, revision and fun.

allThe picture below shows a debate activity conducted about Ethics in Entrepreneurship. The students presented information from different viewpoints and rebuttals for the other team’s points.

Students playing Human Knot game to learn to work together – in close physical proximity!


Guest Lectures

ICNZ invites guest speakers frequently for the leaning and development of the students.

In April, ICNZ invited Ajit Sharma who has a background in Management and a successful IT career and has worked with companies like Google, Intel etc. He explained to the student how IT knowledge/skills could be beneficial for career growths in NZ and encouraged the students to pursue certifications in their chosen IT sub-field to open successful career paths for them.


A well-appreciated session by guest lecturer, Brownyn Bell about leadership management, information systems and their impact on the business growth. She gave insights about various strategies and methods to deal with the initial hurdles in entering the NZ IT market. She encouraged students to adopt extrovert personality, develop professional networks and give 100% to any task in hand.


Another remarkable lecture was organized Dr. Rajneesh Sharma (General Practitioner) about the effects of life style changes in diseases like diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. He spoke about motivating prospective patients to change eating habits and getting involved in more physical activity instead of just depending on medications.


As per the student’s feedback, an impressive seminar was conducted by Dr. Grover (an eminent psychologist) about various types of stress factors prevalent in student's life on account of changes occurring such as change of teacher, institution; environment etc. He had also given a range of examples from his long practical experience.


all Jetts Workshop
Terry, Fitness trainer at Jetts Fitness NZ, was invited for a workshop on physical health and fitness. It was energetic and active workshop where students and staff participated in some basic exercises and some students even had the opportunity to try the resistance ropes provided by Terry.

Withdrawal of Accreditation for Business Courses by NZQA

ICNZ has agreed to give up accreditation in delivering the following business programmes:

  • National Diploma in Business (Level 5)
  • National Diploma in Business (Level 6)
  • Diploma in Business Management (Level 7)

ICNZ considered that such an agreement is in the best interest of its Business students and will reduce uncertainty arising from the statutory actions taken by NZQA to date.

ICNZ is working collaboratively with NZQA, Immigration New Zealand and Public Trust to make the transition as smooth as possible for about 100 affected students. Students will be refunded from the remaining funds in the Public Trust account and are free to decide whether they continue their studies in New Zealand (with a provider of their choice), or return to their home country.

ICNZ wishes to reassure all of its other students, and the wider public, that the Homeopathy department continues to operate as normal. NZQA recently conducted a monitoring visit to the Diploma in Homeopathy (Level 7) programme and found no significant concerns.

If students have any queries or concerns they can email

Free upcoming events in September

Progressive Workout at Britomart:

As part of the Better September event, join one of the 20-minute free exercise sessions with Les Mills or yoga by Lululemon athletica or both. See link for details and to register:

Westpac Wealth Check:

Free workshops organized by Westpac on protecting yourself and your family from scams and financial abuse as part of the Better September event organized by Britomart. See link for details and to register.

Navratri Celebrations:

The Auckland Indian Associations are having Navratri celebrations from the 21st September to the 30th September 2017. It’s a great way to be part of the Gujuati community and enjoy nights of dancing and fun. Contact admin in the MG Centre for more details.