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Welcome to the October 2013 Newsletter issue. This was an eventful month with ICNZ celebrating our student being chosen for Ministry of Education Student Voice 2013, cultural events, birthday celebrations and educational sessions conducted by other agencies.

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OUR Alumnus

Call Centre Operator

Jitend Chand

Students’ Showcase

Yogesh Reddy- Student Voice 2013, Ministry of Education __________________

ICNZ is extremely proud to announce Yogesh Reddy, its current student getting selected for Student Voice 2013 conducted by Ministry of Education, NZ in Wellington. Yogesh participated with many other University and Polytechnic students on 17 and 18 October and brings pride to entire ICNZ.

This programme was spread over one and a half days and provided the opportunity for international students and alumni to build relationships and for ENZ and NZ Inc. partners to hear their ‘voice’ in regard to their overall experience studying in New Zealand. There were workshops which included students drawing a lifecycle type map or picture diagram showing how they got to be in New Zealand as an international student. Illustrations then was shared amongst members of their group but also so ENZ can see the different paths these students took to get to New Zealand (whether it be agents, fairs, a friend, family etc.) The objectives for the event included Education NZ

gaining a student perspective on the new student collateral, to ensure that other NZ Inc. agencies involved in the day have the ability to share and hear the issues and areas for improvement, use the event to test alumni strategy ideas for implementation in 2013, to share international student and alumni outcomes from Student Voice at NZIEC on the International Students Today panel and facilitate connection between alumni with industry and current international students .

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This event reflects NZ Education’s efforts to strive for excellence and connecting education with industry. It was a great opportunity and ICNZ was amongst two PTEs selected for the event. Yogesh enjoyed immensely, made some good friends and gave his inputs in the event from whate he has noticed while studying with ICNZ. Yogesh was successful to make an impact. We are proud of you Yogesh and Kudos to you! Yogesh even presented the updates of the session to the entire ICNZ and ICH batch.

Fiji Day Celebration

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  • All the pretty ladies of Level 5

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  • (Left) Level 5 Tutor Nalin Gupta enjoying with the students. (Right)

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  • All students wearing special Fiji Day and Class of ICNZ shirts

The entire team of ICNZ is proud of its students who celebrated Fiji Day and performed a beautiful dance. Students of ICNZ voluntarily organised the entire event and invited our LAC member John Sherwood to the event. It was an absolute delight to see students discussing over the importance of the Fiji Day and then helping other students from different ethnicity over the importance of the day. The spectacular performance of the beautiful girls and handsome boys blew away all the audience. It was the best performance ever done by the team. Kudos to all of you! We are proud of each and every one of you.

Students highlighted the customs and cultures of Fiji, the picturesque environment, beautiful sites to entice non-Fiji students to visit Fiji. Information was provided about the significance of Fiji Day when UK ceded the nation and in 1970 gained independence from the colonial rule. The celebration of unity, religious and cultural diversity was at its best during these celebrations. This was a true statement of ICNZ being “Home away from Home” where no celebration goes missing and everyone participates in all events. You all were fantastic and continue doing the spectacular work.

The agenda of the programme was as below:

11:00 Welcome Krishneel
11:05 GARLAND Vibha / Poonam
11:10 NATIONAL ANTHEM Fiji Students
11:45 MEKE Students
11:55 VOTE OF THANKS Jasbell

Guest Speaker

Joseph Nunweek-GLNLO
Session on Alcohol and Drugs

Our students at ICNZ once again had a very informative lecture by Joseph Nunweek on Alcohol and Drugs. He emphasised on the effects of alcohol, rules and regulations regarding drunk behind the wheel and drugs. Students were well informed regarding the good and bad of alcohol, concepts of liquor free zone, action police can take in different incidents and the current law and legal penalties in wake of dire situations. He emphasised on specific limits on drinking before driving, different laws for different ages and the penalties involved. Penalties varied depending on the nature of offence which could be from a fine of few hundred or thousand dollars to a serious 2 year prison with disqualification of a year.

He elaborated on the law of land regarding different drugs classified on the basis of their effects. Special mention was made on the penalties related to the possession of drugs both for personal use and for trade. The session concluded with details regarding different agencies in New Zealand that can be reached in case of issues regarding Alcohol and Drugs. Information shared by Joe was found very vital and necessary by our students. The presence of relevant video clips and pictures to highlight the information made the session very interesting.

Thank you Joe for yet another interesting topic well delivered which was immensely enjoyed by our students!

Session by Pathways Manager, Unitec- Deborah Camplin ___________________

ICNZ was privileged with the presence of Unitec’s Pathway Manager, Deborah Camplin. ICNZ has a Memorandum of Understanding with Unitec over the cross credits arrangement for any ICNZ graduate to any Bachelors of Business programme (All majors) with Unitec. Deborah presented to our students about Unitec’s campus, its programmes, ethnicity of students and current association and recognition of Unitec’s programmes. She highlighted the education pathway that ICNZ has presented to its students must be used to

the utmost and while striving for excellence in quality, students must consider studying at Unitec after having spent time with ICNZ. Deborah, we thank you and look forward to our students joining Unitec after completion of their Diploma studies.

Birthday Time again!

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched;
they must be felt with the heart”.

Helen Keller

And that’s exactly how we feel! We at ICNZ need a reason to celebrate and be happy! Besides, we all love eating cakes, so what better way than to celebrate birthdays of our students. Interestingly, this month we have one person from the management as well, so here is to Ridhi and all our dear students…

Your birthday's a time for careful reflection
About your life, and its future direction.
You see where you've been when you look at the past;
Most of it's great; you had quite a blast!
You wonder what's coming, what life has in store;
Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
Remember this, as you blow out the last candle:
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.

Happy Birthday!

Interesting facts about New Zealand
  • Auckland has the largest number of boats per capita than any other city in the world
  • A New Zealander invented the tear back velcro-strip, the pop-lid on a self-sealing paint tin, the child-proof pill bottle and the crinkle in your hairpins so that they don't fall out!

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